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Medical, Retail, and Commercial Collections
The firm has been extensively involved in medical, retail, and commercial collections from its inception. The firm handles these matters by fully complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by sending written notice to the prospective debtor of the indebtedness, and then follows up with telephone contact, as well as skip tracing in reference to assets to satisfy the account.

These collections usually involve delinquent bills for medical services entailing non-payment of deductibles and co-pays. Generally the debtors do acknowledge the debt and wish to pay it, and it’s the job of our collectors to simply rearrange their priorities to move this debt up to a top priority.

These matters usually involve the loan of money, or the purchase of goods from retail outlets, and generally the debtor is more collectable since they did have good credit when the transaction occurred. Our collectors research this collectability and again get the debtor to reaffirm his obligation to pay this debt through telephone conversations and letters.

These matters usually involve much larger sums than the above categories and are given prompt and immediate attention, as only swift action generally can bring about the collection of the debt.

Associated with the above collection areas is the firm’s representation of creditors should the debtor file a bankruptcy. We move swiftly and decisively in the debtor’s bankruptcy case to determine if there are any assets to be paid out of the bankruptcy, and if the client has a secured obligation we try to obtain the highest preference payment available under the bankruptcy code.

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